Terms of Service

Pony is a site owned by Shinobu(#1879) (;I;) It′s contents (barns, horses, shows, shops, etc.) are fake, and because none of this is real, it can be taken away from you at any time. Playing here is a privilege and not a right. If any player(s) violate these rules, they can be frozen, restricted, or fined.

If you are under the age of 13, you must get parental permission to play before joining. Everything is required to stay PG13 rated, yet I do not have control over players and what they post. If someone does post something that violates these rules, the post will be deleted as soon as possible. However, Pony takes no responsibility over any of it. Breaking of this can result in fining, banning, or restricted access to the site.

While swearing is permitted, swearing AT your fellow Pony members is not. Doing so will result in a fine and a warning for unsportsman like behavior. Additionally, curse words that are derogatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful towards any person, religion, group or orientation is strictly prohibited and will result in a more severe punishment.

Several topics are not permitted on Pony's forums or in live chat and they include: religion, sexual orientaion, self-harm, politics, racist or pro-hate topics. If these topics are discussed, ALL players involved will receive one warning and repeated offences will result in a long-term chat or forum ban.

Arguing with staff publicly is strictly forbidden. If you have a complaint against a staff member, please contact Shino (#1879) directly via PM for the matter to be handled. Do NOT continue to argue and engage with the staff member; doing so will result in further punishment

Moderators are strictly forbidden to interfere with any disputes, disciplinary actions or warnings (verbal or written) against players they are friends with on the grounds of Personal Bias. Asking a mod that you are friends with to rule on your punishment is strictly forbidden and will result in both you and your friend being given a written warning. Do not tempt your friends into dishonesty and do not abuse your friendship with the mods!

Donations to Pony are made with the knowledge that it is NOT refundable. Accounts disputing payments will permanently banned from accessing the site

You may own a maximum of 3 accounts, which includes knowing the login information such as username and password. Users found with more than 3 accounts will be subject to warnings/fines and the freezing of all excess accounts.

If you have family members within the same household who wish to play, you must inform administration. There may be no transfer of PonyBucks, Horseshoes, items or horses among family accounts. Should it be discovered that there is the transfer of game currencies, items or pets, all offending accounts will be frozen.

Shared accounts are not advised and if you choose to do so, Pony, it′s staff, and owners will not be held responsible for lost items, currency, accounts, or anything else lost, material or otherwise. Shared accounts will count toward your allowed three accounts.

Membership on Pony is for those who actively play the game. It is not acceptable for a player to register for the game only to transfer all PonyBucks/Horseshoes to another member. Any PonyBucks/Horseshoes obtained from inactive accounts will be immediately removed from the receiving member′s account, and both members face disciplinary action up to and including the freezing of the accounts.

Creating an account solely for the purpose of advertising another site is strictly forbidden. Advertising sites which do not allow advertising on their own site is forbidden. Violators will face disciplinary action up to and including the freezing of the accounts depending on the offense.

All users agree that they hold full responsibility for anything they bring or upload to the site and that neither Pony nor the owner are liable for it. This includes but is not limited to images copy righted by another party that you were not get granted permission to use, coding from any party, etc.

Any use of images, coding, or any copy righted material from Pony offsite is strictly prohibited. If anyone is caught doing this they will be banned from Pony forever.

You may not sell any items, currency, or horses. for any real life currency. You can, however sell items, horses, and accounts for other game currencies, as long as they also allow this action. To do so, your account must be active! You can not simply log on for the money.

It is against site rules to message players about purchasing your horses, tack, or anything else. If you wish to advertise, you may make a post on the forums on a place a notice on your barn page. Messaging players to purchase your goods will result in fining if it is reported.

If you purchase an account from another party, you do so at your own risk. If you are scammed there are no refunds, and it is beyond my or any other site staff members control.

If you run across any bugs, you must immediately report them to me (admin@pony-sim.com), vividly describing the bug. Abuse of bugs in game will result in disciplinary action.

The above Terms of Service are subject to change at any given time. Use of this site states that you have read, accept, and agreed with the Terms of Service. Any violation of the Terms of Service will result in the revocation of user privileges: as defined above and restriction to the site. If you do not agree to accept and adhere to the Terms of Service above, stop all use of this site now.

Privacy Policy

Pony only collects our users' email and IP address for email verification and password retrieval. Our players are limited to three accounts per person, no more! If any one is found with more than three accounts they will all be frozen. Your user name and password should not be shared with anyone. The Pony staff will never ask you for this information! If anyone ever does, please report it to us!

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